12 Reasons to be Up When You Did Not Get the Job You Want

emotional copy

1. There is much better company for you

Don’t be upset or feel rejected when things go wrong to your plan. It is not the end of the world the fact that there are thousands of companies out there waiting for your application. Right now, it’s just that the company you are applying is blind from your potential; so you need somebody who believes in your ability as they are not the right company for you . Never stop trying until the right one voluntarily knocks on you.

2. The company is making a great mistake

They pre-judged you as they don’t see what spark you can lay once you’ve started. You don’t need someone who can’t see real talent and skill.

3. You are just put into a test to give your best

The world is so big and so unfamiliar, thus you need to explore more and learn new things. You could just identify your strengths and weaknesses. After which do something about it just as to complete what is lacking.

4. You need to fail in order to succeed

Do not be afraid to fail. The more failure you walk through your life will only make you closer to success. Failure is one important ingredient to be successful. You could feel lucky about it that you are just possessing this special ingredient. Surely there are always bumps and blocks on your way, by failing, next time you know how to cross obstacles and get rid of them.

5. You are overqualified

It is self explanatory. Try another company that fits your standard.

6. There’s always room for improvement

You could rejoice that you have identified your mistakes, revealed so that a great chance that you can do anything and overcome everything.

7. You are human

You are created in the image and likeness of God, as a human, you posses a reason that you can feel what life can give as God suffered much on earth for your salvation. Pain and sufferings were reminders that you need God on your side as guidance and loving Savior.

8. It is part of your Growth and Development

The more you experience life, the more you get into maturity. Maturity comes into process wherein you are developed mentally, emotionally and spiritually grownups. Later by later, a wisdom could be developed which you can share to your future generations and others. Ask then yourself what are the things that you needed to change. Perhaps procrastination is the one you can consider.

9. You do have a different passion

If you took a course that is not really part of your passion, that will be very inconvenient and could only give you dissatisfaction in the end. Ask yourself what you really want to achieve in life that will make you happy and productive.

10. To make you stronger

In everything you do, always give your best and offer it to the Lord. Even in your greatest challenge, an attitude of courage and perseverance plays an important role. That is to never give up on something.

11. Blessing in disguise

Consider yourself blessed because you just save yourself from your greatest mistake you’ll ever make that is to be in the wrong place which you have never known.

12. God has perfect timing

God works in mysterious way and He knows what’s best for you. Patience is an important virtue. While waiting, prepare yourself for glory in an overflowing grace which you have been waiting all your life. Never lose hope and have faith as you are blessed son/daughter of God.

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