How many times you get a bad hair day on the average? The alarm clock was set at five in the morning and when it alarmed, you turned it off then you went to sleep again. The next thing you know, it’s already seven so you need to hurry up, skip breakfast, take a bath, get dressed, take your things and leave the house. But that’s not all; you need to get into a long line for you to ride on the bus or at metro train station. You are so pissed about the traffic and gets you boiled every time the bus stops. When finally reached the office entrance, your boss is on his way coming out and on you’re on your way coming in through the front door. When your boss saw you, he scolded you and warned you for being late. So in your mind you said, ‘ Oh jeez, what a bad hair day’. Image 
I remember those times when I was late too going to work, my boss is passing through the front door while I am on my way so I need to hide for few minutes, find a tree as cover or stay behind the car parked. Once the boss is gone, I immediately sneak to go in the office, sit on my desk and pretend that I was just around. When someone gets notice, just say, “SSSHH….” with a finger on lips. Alright, since you haven’t taken your breakfast, dizziness comes in; you get irritated by loads of paperwork’s, confused with scrambled details to process. The chance is that you will get scolded again for being slow or ineffective on your job description. Then suddenly, you said unconsciously, ‘’O Jesus, save me from being fallen’… Few moments later your colleague invited everyone for early snack as someone’s birthday today. Then you inhaled and exhaled slowly.
When this happens to you, it doesn’t mean that you do have a hard life, only that you are in trouble, not much deep but it’s on the way there if you’re not willing to do something about it. No one cares about your 10,000 reasons why you are not able to come on time or people in managerial position doesn’t care if you come early, they just need you to come on time and I realized those things during my early years in my job. Respecting work schedule will make a better person. Everyone is responsible for himself. Whether you’re working or not, start your day with a prayer as being early. Go to your work or seek new opportunities as early as possible. No one can assume how many opportunities out there along the way but being early will help someone to recognize a good catch.

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