I know that everyone is excited on the very first day of the year. Celebrations are everywhere accompanied by unlimited bounty food and drinks on a new year’s eve. What time did you wake up on the first day of the year? Is it 9am onwards? Just because the celebration took on heavier state last night so you got high intake on alcoholic beverages, got out of control so you can’t wake up early? Well then, since we call it a celebration on a new year, it is a holiday so you wouldn’t have to worry of anything on a non working day. It is perfectly fine that you woke up a little late. Last year might cost you lot of hard work, troubles and lessons so it is not that bad at all to give yourself a rewarding experience on a very special occasion.

Moving forward, the question now is that what are your plans this year? Do you have plans for yourself improvement? Do you recognize your weaknesses and yours strengths? How are you going to turn your weaknesses into positive outlook? If you know what your weaknesses are, are you willing to take them away from your cycle? What is your answer? Yes or Maybe? If you’re going to give a big Yes answer, then you must be on the right train. For those who said ‘Maybe’, that would be an indication for lacking of self confidence. I tell you what; no one can ever help you but yourself. Like a ship that is already sinking so you need to swim by yourself, grab anything that will make you float, the point is, you must do something. You can eliminate ‘maybe’ in your dictionary to get you moving and away from doubts. You maybe thinking that your life right now is half empty, well, rejoice that in reality, it is half full.

Now is your chance to make a good start and slowly change what need to be changed, avoid what needed to be avoided and do whatever you need to do that will make you a better person.  The rule is, ‘first things first’. Know your priority in achieving your goals simply by identifying the task according to degree of their importance. It is never too late if you start right now by filling positive thoughts in your mind to straighten your path along.

The thoughts you make creates the experience you have. Expect life to be good and joyous by not making it too complicated, it is simple. What you give out is what you get back. So start giving the best that you can do towards success this year.



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