Are you not tired of hearing people making New Year’s Resolution just to end up nothing has changed? So why bother to have one? You can hear them promising to remove bad habits such as drinking or smoking which have been proven the most difficult to remove based on number of promises man has ever made. It’s like saying, “Promise I am not going to smoke but for 4 hoursonly”. Nothing has changed just garbage.

So to stop myself from joining the club, I stopped making New Year’s resolution. I will just focus on my ‘To Do’ list. There are so many things that I want to achieve but there are too may blocks on my way so I need to do my broom and swept every little thing but I guess the most difficult enemy is myself alone. Like a book, everyone is a book. The way you write your chapter is the way you make life until the end of page. It is your life that is matter. Like a book, people will judge you according to what you have written on your cover page. Either good or bad, make sure that it’s going to be a best seller. Readers buy you according to what they see and how you have written it.

2013 is coming to an end and I guess it is one of craziest and toughest year to many. As for me, it is my best teacher who taught me how to read directions in writing my book. I cannot deny that I played life but life has played me. I need to get rid of those dark pages and start anew making things sorted in order. Next time, a little care or cautiousness as being screwed makes a deep mark and people call it a lesson.

2014 is something to look at as I always remind myself to ‘never give up’, like what is printed from lady’s tee shirt which I saw earlier. It is a chance for all of us and hopes for more graces from above. It is an application of what we have learned in which 2013 has taught us. If we have been bad on our performance from last year, well then this is our chance to make things in order and never procrastinate because we might be surprise and suddenly tomorrow is our 70th birthday. So we could make the most of our time and never stop seeking opportunities.

I have this list on my notepad that I can reflect everyday:
#Be Strong
#Be Bold
#never mind what they say
#Remove Pride
#be bravo
#be constructive
#Everyday is the best day of my life
#always learn new things
#be more outgoing
#Win friends
#read more blogs

How about you, do you have a list for reflection? Just think that 2014 will be the best year of your life. Good luck and God bless to your Endeavor. A happy New Year

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