Christmas still merry?


Things are always great for me… One day the Lord made me realize that things and events are gifts to make me a better person. To view failures in positive perspective, that life can strikes me to my limit just to expand my horizons. Bad career, ended relationships, financially challenge are present at some point. Those are not isolated situations and not permanent wherein most had it already before it strikes somebody.

In baseball, you can bat three times at strike level before it gets you out in the game. Feel yourself lucky because life is not about baseball. You can strike as long as you get the chance and as long as you live in optimum condition.

I Remember a saying although it is a cliché but it happens to be true often that is why it is called cliché in the first place. ‘Try and try until you succeed’. Or to add up like No Fear says, Face your Fear, Live your Dreams. God is the best…

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